Over the past few months I have had what I thought would be an arduous task in a complete restructure of our website. From the beginning I was introduced to Ram who performs his magic from the Philippines but worked with me live via “Skype”. Each day whilst I was working I would make submissions of the site input to him including pictures I wanted displayed on our pages. It seemed as though he was always there and within short periods of time, my site was falling into place before my eyes.

The beauty of working in this format, was that I could attend to my work as I needed to and when I could find time, I would simply open the conversation in “Skype” and add more of what I wanted. Ram’s understanding of our site’s needs were clear and within a short time frame I was looking at any additions I had asked for. I could simply type a text piece up in word and copy and paste it directly to him through “Skype” so it was word perfect. There appeared to be no international border between us and the building what we now enjoy as our new site.


Stefan Carli