The Importance of Outsourcing in the Business Scenario

October 20, 2017 jsoseo

With the changing situations, a lot of enterprises have now started to outsource services for them to expand their business. As a matter of fact, offshore outsourcing is one of the easiest options a business owner can take to help avoid the headache of extra charges. However, it’s not an

3 Steps to Outsourcing Success

August 29, 2017 ssc web

  A successful offshore outsourcing strategy can help provide benefits and cost-savings for your enterprise. To name a few, there can be improvements to processes, expansion of talent pools, cost containment, improved concentration on important business functions and lowered time-to-market. However, the inherent risks in an unsuccessful outsourcing project can

4 Benefits of Outsourcing in the You Need to Consider

July 12, 2017 ssc web

Outsourcing has been considered a major trend in human resources all over the world for some time now. It’s the practice of sending certain job functions outside an enterprise, instead of handling them internally. More and more enterprises, regardless of size, are turning to outsourcing as a way for them

Growing Flexible Workspace Demand

April 28, 2017 ssc web

In fact, according to the latest report from Colliers International, there are around 60 flexible office space operators as of end-2016, with the area dedicated to flexible workspaces reaching 228,000 square meters. Colliers expects the number to grow by 10 percent annually in the next three years as demand for

Holidays in the Philippines and Outsourcing

March 14, 2017 ssc web

Outsourcing in the Philippines can sometimes have its ups and downs, especially when there’s a holiday in the said country. Last 2015, there was a 3-day holiday in the Philippines due to the Pope’s visit. Plus, there’s the commemoration of the EDSA Revolution held on the 25th of February, the

CEO Speaks : Leadership

February 28, 2017 ssc web

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. – Warren Bennis Here in Philippine Outsourcer, leadership skills are tantamount to making any project successful. We have a team that’s solely committed to helping you attain what you want to happen for your business. Leadership is an important function of

The Philippines Stays Attractive To Australian Investors in the BPO Industry

February 27, 2017 ssc web

Low labor costs and high-quality labor force will continue to make the Philippines the best country for Australians to invest in, according to the Philippine Institute for Developmental Studies (PIDS). In their policy note, PIDS visiting research fellow Peter K. Ross and entrepreneur Mike O’Hagan stated that Australian enterprises can

CEO Speaks : Inspiring Innovation

February 20, 2017 ssc web

Innovation is about creativity; and innovation is not forced but inspired. In Philippine Outsourcer, we have an innovative team committed to solving your business problems. How do we do it? We value creative spaces and diversity. It’s important for companies to make work environment conducive to creativity. That happens, firstly,

Google Responds to Racist Autocomplete Issue

February 14, 2017 ssc web

Google Search is notorious for its hilarious autocomplete suggestions. We can probably get a good laugh at how a “can a human” search completes with “get a dog pregnant” but it becomes bleak when Sri Lankans are suggested to be “ugly” or Ugandans “lazy” and just downright offensive when Israelis

Tech Companies Unite Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

February 8, 2017 ssc web

The tech industry took the battle from cyberspace to court when approximately 127 companies, including tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Intel, signed a court brief against the immigration ban that President Donald Trump recently declared. Trump’s legal order prohibits newly arriving immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries