Philippine Outsourcer – The Pros and Cons of Having Working AIs

October 19, 2017 jsoseo

Artificial intelligence (AI) is designing machines that have its own ability to think of its own. The discussions about the importance of AI in our lives have gained a great momentum in the recent years. If it’s going to be a boon or a bane to the future of the

Philippine Outsourcers – A Short Guide on Outsourcing

October 16, 2017 jsoseo

  Outsourcing (sometimes referred to as “contracting out”) is a business practice used by all enterprises, small or large regardless, to help reduce costs or improve efficiency by shifting tasks, operations or jobs to someone outside your company for a specified period of time. The functions that are ported over

JT Foxx and WHY he is my GO TO COACH

October 16, 2017 ssc web

People ask me who the heck is JT Foxx, and why am I travelling around the world attending his functions, as they see on my posts on FB. I might have asked the same question myself, or I did when I first met him.   Here he was standing on top

3 Signs That You Need To Outsource E-commerce

August 16, 2017 ssc web

  In 2016, Internet sales reached $394.86 billion, with nearly 12% of purchases coming from online stores. With brand new trends making it a whole lot easier than ever to shop online with the use of mobile devices, the market opportunity is only projected to grow. That’s a lucrative endeavor

4 Advantages of Outsourcing for Startups

August 7, 2017 ssc web

  The initial phases any startup businesses would most likely be time and management sensitive, so does outsourcing deserve the spotlight? Simply put, there are a ton of things that are needed to be done that outsourcing is indeed a viable option during these phases. It helps by taking the

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Manpower Recruitment

July 26, 2017 ssc web

  In today’s highly competitive market industry, the term “outsourcing” could mean some extra savings on manpower requirement or hiring. However, there are some who approach this business strategy as nothing but an effective way to take away jobs from other developed countries – the United States of America, for

The Good in Accenture’s Acquisition of Phase One

July 3, 2017 ssc web

Just recently, Accenture Federal Services has acquired Phase One Consulting Group for an undisclosed sum. The latter is a known sales force and technology consulting firm that concentrates more on federal government clients. The deal helps boost Accenture’s presence in the sector through the acquisition of skills as well as

Link Building and How it is "Still" Relevant

March 23, 2017 ssc web

FACT: The landscape of SEO and Link Building is constantly changing. True and today, the importance of building high-quality links has never been higher. The need to have basic comprehension and implementation of high-quality campaigns is essential if you are planning to compete and thrive online — and that is

CEO Speaks : The Commemoration of the 80th Araw ng Dabaw

March 9, 2017 ssc web

It’s that time of year again for Dabawenyos. Last March 1, The City Government of Davao officially kickstarted the 80th Araw ng Dabaw celebration at Rizal Park with a grand production of local talents, highlighting the historical development of the city over the past 8 decades. Anchored on this year’s

GoNegosyo : ASEAN@50 Launches in the Philippines

January 19, 2017 ssc web

MANILA: This January marks the beginning of the Philippines’ chairmanship of the 10-member regional bloc of ASEAN. Centered on the theme “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World” diplomats and leaders from all over the region will convene in different locations in the Philippines for various events that will cover economic