designing machines that has its own ability to think of its own

Artificial intelligence (AI) is designing machines that have its own ability to think of its own. The discussions about the importance of AI in our lives have gained a great momentum in the recent years. If it’s going to be a boon or a bane to the future of the human existence is still an ongoing debate. The very idea to create an AI is to make the lives of human beings easier.

Researchers on the said subject claim that they want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines along with the general intelligence a normal human being would possess. However, how would this affect the Philippine outsourcer industry, what would become of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies should AIs would replace all of the employees?

Here are some pros and cons on the subject at hand:


The Pros

  • Difficult Exploration – AI and the science of robotics can be put to use in fields like mining and other fuel exploration processes. Not only that these complex machines be used for exploring underwater and hence overcoming all human limitations. Due to the AI’s programming, they can perform tasks with greater responsibility. Plus, they don’t easily wear out.
  • Helps Reduce Effort and the Chance of Reaching Accuracy with a Greater Degree of Precision is a Possibility –  AI is applied in different studies like the exploration of space. Intelligent robots are fed with information and are sent to explore outer space. Since they’re machines with metal bodies, they’re more resistant and have a greater ability to endure space’s atmosphere.


The Cons

  • High Cost – The creation of AI would require huge costs as their very complicated machines. Their repair and maintenance could be pretty expensive and they have software programs which need frequent up gradation to cater to the needs of the changing environment and the need for machines to be smarter by the day.
  • No Replacing Humans – Intelligence is believed to be nature’s gift. An ethical argument continues, whether human intelligence is to be replaced or not. They perform what’s programmed of them and can’t make the right or wrong judgment. In addition, they can’t take decisions if they’re faced with a situation unfamiliar for them. They either perform incorrectly or just break down.
  • Unemployment – Replacing human labor with machines can lead to a massive scale of unemployment. Unemployment is a social undesirable phenomenon. People with nothing to do can lead to the destructive use of their creative minds. Humans can unnecessarily be highly dependent on AI use and are becoming rampant. Humans will lose their creative minds and will become lazy. In addition, if human starts thinking destructive thoughts, they may start a disaster with these machines. AI in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

Machines are indeed amazing, and the formation of AI is something worth praising. However, these may have some downsides and not quite what they seem to be. One worst thing it can do is to replace humans working in Philippine outsourcers. Thousands of jobs can be lost with the incorporation of AI in the working industry.