Phase One Consulting Group is a US-based sales force provider

Just recently, Accenture Federal Services has acquired Phase One Consulting Group for an undisclosed sum. The latter is a known sales force and technology consulting firm that concentrates more on federal government clients. The deal helps boost Accenture’s presence in the sector through the acquisition of skills as well as a client roster.

Phase One Consulting Group is a US-based sales force provider. The firm, which was founded back in 1997, is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The enterprise offers full life cycle IT solutions and web development focused on changing IT through Agile Development, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and the use of modern Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies. In addition, the company also offers cyber security solutions.

The Acquisition

Phase One will bring a complementary client footprint and large, highly skilled team offering sales force and management consulting services to Accenture’s roster.

In addition, Phase One is also delivering secure cloud solutions to cabinet departments and federal agencies with wide-ranging missions. These include national infrastructure, finance and regulatory services, human services, healthcare, and homeland security sectors.

According to David Moskovitz, chief executive of Accenture Federal Services, the new cloud and software-as-a-service platforms are both transforming the federal technology and the way agencies serve their clients to attain their missions.

He further added that investments like the acquisition of Phase One, they’re expanding their capabilities, technology and skills to help lead federal clients on their journey to be more agile, responsive and secure in today’s cyber world.

On the side of Phase One, CEO Jerad Speigel states that they’re proud to be combining their skills and innovative approach with Accenture’s scale. “At Phase One, we embrace change and innovation, and we’re excited to join forces with Accenture to help deliver the value of a software as a service to US government agencies,” Speigel added.

So far, the acquisition of Phase One is the seventh sales force-related acquisition that Accenture has made since 2014. Others they’ve acquired include Media Hive, New Energy Group, CRMWaypoint, Cloud Sherpas, tquila and ClientHouse.

The Benefits of the Acquisition

Based on the facts stated above, one obvious benefit that will be gained with the acquisition is that Accenture can boost their federal market presence with the help of Phase One.

As stated, Phase One is a sales force and technology consulting firm focused more on federal government clients. Thus, the acquisition initiated by Accenture Federal Services helped to boost Accenture’s presence in the government sector.

The US federal market is estimated to be worth USD80 billion, and the acquisition will give Accenture access to sector expertise and a client roster. In other words, the acquisition will give Accenture a competitive edge when it comes to reaching out to government agencies.

For other IT outsourcing firms out there, this is one great example on how you can further expand your expertise in the field you specialize. Partnering with someone who’s an expert in a certain field will help you deliver more jobs and produce greater outcomes.