Serena in South Africa

People ask me who the heck is JT Foxx, and why am I travelling around the world attending his functions, as they see on my posts on FB.

I might have asked the same question myself, or I did when I first met him.   Here he was standing on top of our seminar table, at a function in Singapore, 6 thousand people in attendance, sprouting about how good he was, and where he came from and where he is at now, and why we weren’t there also..

JUNE 2015, As I sat there looking up at this guy (at a Tony Robbins function I was at) jumping up and down, my neck stretched up, thinking – who is this guy?

But as I listened to him, and having been to many different seminars and workshops, have heard the language many times, so nothing could offend me, being home truths etc., I realized that this guy’s starting story was very much like mine, only he was more successful than me, and more smarter.

this guy’s starting story was very much like mine

I was obviously more older, but if he could be doing what he is doing, imagine what I could do with what time I had left.  I was still a baby entrepreneuress, 6 years into learning what it means being an entrepreneuress, about the brain and the creative ideas etc, and NOT being scared to have a go at anything.

Wonder if he was like I was to begin with, then somehow harnessed and channeled it all into what he had now – and all of this just through coaching and learning off coaches.  hmmmmmm food for thought.

Anyway, I posted on Facebook about him, and immediately 2 friends came back at me saying – avoid this man like the plague.  Why I asked?, to which they replied, bad reviews, scammer etc. The usual stuff you can get from people if they don’t believe in something you do.

Being a person that likes to learn by experience, I did some more research and found the usual shit online that people write, mostly like most things, you always get people pissed off at successful people if it doesn’t gel, but there are many reasons why it wouldn’t gel.  I had learnt by then, that no matter who you are, the more successful you are, that you will find those that want to bad mouth you, and bring you down.  Their reasons may seem just to them, but too many good points outweigh, and I firmly believe we bring into our lives, what we give out and how our mindsets are.

So, in saying that, as his presentation went on, I was interested.  So interested, that I thought, no way am I getting jammed at the counter like a packrat when everyone ran for his special, so before he even finished his promo price etc., I was over there saying, give me a form thanks, how much is it by the way?

Then smugly just as he was giving the price I walked back to my seat with my white IPod recordings in my hand and my paper of having signed up for something, that would further bring me in contact with this man and how to further myself as something more than what I currently was.

white IPod recordings

Mind you, I had purchased supposedly what was supposed to be a meal with JT Foxx, but turned into 5 minutes of chatting and me not even knowing what to chat about hahaha.  I believe he had so many take up that offer that it just wasn’t viable, so had to forgo that for the 5 minutes. That pissed a lot of people of, but as you get to know JT Foxx you live and learn, you go with the flow.  He will make it up to you somehow in many other ways, unexpected ways.

Serena and JTFoxx Bump Fist

Anyway, I believe I was coming in on the end of change in JT Foxx’s businesses.  Building on the added value of #FAMILYFIRST, and JT’s belief in sell something, then create it, the whole concept of what he started grew to such an extent I believed it changed JT’s life in some ways.  (This is my own personal perspective by the way, nobody else’s, but then I got to spend a lot of time around him, and could see this as well.)

Like me to a certain degree, I felt like I belonged to something special.  With JT’s journey to where he is now, he found something special in starting a creation, that became so much more than I probably think he even expected, and that also meant a lot to him.  LOYALTY being a big one – is for me also.  People felt drawn to his FAMILY FIRST, and wearing the rubber armlets with his programs and FAMILY FIRST on them, gave a sense of cultural belonging to something special worldwide.  Below on the right is also Damien Elston the other great half of the family first JT Foxx organisation

 JT Foxx organisation

One of the Family

A lot of people thought JT was very arrogant or egotistical, and maybe he was to a certain degree, but then with success comes that right to be, but looking out from a different perspective.  When you grow in life and learn in life, things that used to hold you back or give you no growth in life starts to fall away.  When you come across people who still have this in their lives, but they don’t seem to do anything to let it drop away and don’t grow, it gets very frustrating, especially when you give them opportunities to get growth, but instead they see you as someone who brags, or is a smarty pants, or whatever it is that they think that becomes an excuse to sit in their same skin, and judge others who choose the harder path of creating success.

I personally signed up for nearly every program that JT had, my pure right-hand brain, needed to find out how JT Foxx created this world of his, if I was a lot like him, then where was my left-brain smartness.  If I got coached and stayed in his arena, maybe my left brain would grow lots and lots, and I could become a late comer but like JT, many businesses, travelling all over, teaching people and so on.

Little did I realise my right brain would hold me back a lot.  It has a tendency to wander a lot between things, yes very creative, but trying to do 10 things at once.  Ideas can become businesses and all it takes is energy and ideas. Obviously, it also takes having people around you with the same mindset. AND a great team – like JT Foxx has around him. Some amazing people I have met behind the scenes.

Anyway, one thing you learn with JT, ask him something and he will hit you right on with the truth, no holes barred.  Too bad if your sensitive, get over it guys, you asked, you went, you want – take it like a man.  I was trying to work out what I needed to take me to the next level, what could I get off JT that would make me think like others and get onto the right track.  (OMG this is from a ADHD or ADD person, or whatever they like to call a person like me, on the go a hundred miles an hour – hyper active all my life).  Surely, I could be the same, even if I was a late starter being 58 at the time.

So, I was at a TOP 1% function in Thailand, my second one, and I heard him give some gold nuggets to another person, and I thought WOW, that to me sounds like something I need, so when it came to my turn to ask a question, of course, not knowing what I needed, meant a not knowing what sort of question to ask.  So, I said whoa hang on I need something like the nuggets you gave to that other person.

He said, ‘SERENA – all you need to do is JUST FOCUS on one thing’.  Whaaat, I have 3 businesses, one thing.  Hmmmm So he went on to the next person, whilst I sat there squirming, sitting on being told and not getting what I thought would be my gold nuggets.

Anyway, by that stage I had trumped up quite a few of JT’s functions of getting knowledge and learning techniques etc. and then going to work on my businesses being a bit more smarter.

Eventually after some health problems etc., I thought I’d start looking at doing my personal one on one coaching now that I had a better mindset of everything else.  If I had done it at the beginning, it all would have gone in one ear and out the other, as it does with so much coming at me – big picture, not fine detail, and it would have been wasted.

Up until this stage, having been part of JT’s Family FIRST for a year, I began to grow to be more.  Some of the places I went to for his functions and workshops were.

Lion Roar

Phuket Thailand

Fort Myers


Johannesburg South Africa

Cape town South Africa






Los Angeles

And Disney World next, after Thailand again

In Johannesburg, I met some amazing people, and he let me go on stage doing a partial MC.  I have to say right from the beginning JT said to me, you would make a good speaker.  HA!!  Yeah right, you’re just saying that to make me feel good.

BUT… of course he also planted a seed, not for immediate action, but of course it would grow.  JT has an ability to see people for what or who they are which is great, so maybe he saw something I didn’t, or didn’t think was possible.

Serena on Stage

So out in front of 2000 people he sent me, no training, ‘you’ll be right Jake mate’ (not that Americans say it that way – only us aussies do..)…….

My first experience, but what an experience.  I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say.  I got to introduce JT on stage and all I had to go by was the video I saw of that guy in America (Bruce Buffer I think)  saying…   heeeeeeeeeereeesss Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy Teeeeeeeeeeeeee Foxxxxxxx   and in his same deep voice.  OMG, did I do that.    Hahahahaha  oh well, live and learn – please train me next time JT.

Talking Business Family First Taking Picture


And then because I had had a hysterectomy not long before, I couldn’t sit on seats too low, and once I had to go out and have a chin wag with Dana in front of everyone, I went on stage and here he is sitting on a low couch (one I would not be able to get up from properly being so low), no warning to me, what was I going to do.  Sit down and then be completely embarrassed when I couldn’t get up in front of 2000 people, OMG what a laugh that would be.  So instead I sat on the edge of the couch and made a joke about not sitting next to Dana in case he tried to hit on me.  Hahaha  don’t think Dana realized why I did that at the time, giving me a weird look.  Told him later of course.  Was quite funny.

So, my first experience on stage, thankyou JT.

Then I put in (paid for the opportunity) to speak on stage at the family first reunion in Orlando, still no training, writing notes after notes having to introduce each speaker, then having JT change one lot of my notes right before I went on stage…  ohh emmm geee

Travolta and JTFoxx on Stage

Wanting to brand myself as they teach you, take advantage of every opportunity, get photos of yourself with every celebrity, videos when you’re on stage.  HA!!   Here I am with my phone to video in my hand and completely forgot to do it and lost my opportunity.  Good One Serena…  Trying to work out what things to say to make people laugh, and forgetting every-one of them once I was in front of the crowd.

video in her hand

Anyway, the experience was awesome, amazing, nerve wracking, terrifying and fun at the same time.  I want to do it again, but I feel each thing you do, brings you a little bit smarter to something bigger and better, and part of you starts to grow and you become more.

An amazing thing happened whilst we were there as well.  They were giving out awards and all of a sudden, I hear my name get called out.  JT Foxx’s Australian entrepreneur of the year.  Oh wow, what an honour to receive a medal for that.  Quite proud I must say.  And I took advantage of when I went on stage to give JT an Aussie gift I bought all the way over from Australia.  It was a souvenir bottle opener and supposedly made out of kangaroo balls.

Well what do you do when you want to give a gift to someone who has everything. You want to give them something unique and different, representing your country.  Needless to say, he gave them to George Ross and now I believe they ended up on Therese’s desk. Hahaha

Entrepreneur of the year

With the Big Boss

Another thing I love to do, was when JT is in my world, my country, I make a point of going to every function in every state if I am in Australia at the time.   I love sitting at the front desk with the guys helping them out, signing people into the seminar, and feeling part of it all.  I get to meet everyone which I also love, sharing with people.

sitting at the front desk with the guys

Then out of the blue, JT will call me up to the front of the stage, to sing my wonderful feelings of all my experiences etc., cos I have had some really great ones, but nerves hit again, I get up there, the right brain kicks in, and I have no idea what comes out of my mouth, but as my business partner tells me, it wasn’t pretty much what JT asked me about.  Hahahahahaha,  oh well, it must work.  She would laugh and say – you know you never answered his actual question.  OH.  Really!!  I can’t remember what he asked, I was just nervous and said whatever came to my mind.  Who cares, I can shout to the world how awesome My experiences have been with JT and his team.  Experienced some great coaching in my Dream Team events, and my personal one on one coaching this year, so finally getting further than I have before.

Having a coach gives me structure, planning and a direction to follow.  I am big picture visual person, so usually run by my brains thoughts and its images.  Never figured myself as a business person, so don’t know how I got in this place in the first place, but love learning how to handle it like JT does.  It also helps to break down your old conditioned barriers of thinking your not worthy or good enough, and can’t really do it.  If fear sets in, its easy to back off, and blame others for your inadequacies, of not being able to produce and be successful.  But the biggest thing I learnt is that, you can;t do it on your own, and you wont grow much unless you have the experiences of those better than you.  THAT is where coaching comes in and everybody should have a coach.  JT has about 6 himself, amazing coaches they all are as well.

workshops in my life workshops in my life

I have been to many, many functions, seminars, workshops in my life, trainings, guru marketing events and so on, and I have to say, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME, I saw a person and a company actually do what they said they would.

Now, the big thing here is if you’re someone who feels they haven’t, I would have to say maybe your part or involvement wasn’t as good as it should have been, because it takes two to tango, not one.  Doesn’t matter how much money you pay anybody, it ain’t going to work unless you put in effort.  Don’t pay the money and sit back and wait.  Sometimes you have to learn by trial and error, what works, what doesn’t etc.

If a right brainer, with no business experience, except for gut, intuition and a go gettum personality can do something, anybody can.

If you think you can do it on your own, WRONG, you’re only going to be as good as your thinking can be, and previous experience, but nothing new and nothing to excite your juices to be more, with lots more experienced knowledge from others.  And you won’t be able to be in front of others, if you’re not being coached to think outside the box, to be different to your competition and to get BIG thinking ideas to make your business more than what it is.

Thanks to some of the workshops I went to, it’s not just the other people from all over the world you get to meet, mix with, do JV business with, create new businesses with, get invitations to work around the world with but you also get to rub shoulders, listen to and learn off great and awesome celebrities.  For the likes of:

  • Stedman Graham – Oprah Winfrey’s handsome partner and a cool guy.

Stedman Graham – Oprah Winfrey’s handsome partner and a cool guyOprah Winfrey’s handsome partner and a cool guy

  • George Ross – used to be President Trumps right hand advisor for many years. This man is a mountain of amazing information.  And such a great sense of humour.
  • Al Pacino, oh wow that man for his age, still has what it takes.

wow that man for his age, still has what it takes

  • Grease Lightning’s ‘You’re the one that I want – John Travolta – and we got to sing the whole song with him.

Grease Lightning’s

  • 50 cent rapper
  • Facebooks beautiful Randi Zuckerberg- what a beautiful personality she has so nice and so caring.

Facebooks beautiful Randi Zuckerberg

  • Mark Norcross, Founder of Mark David Inc, designed and manufactured furniture for hospitality, resorts, country clubs, and restaurant markets in North America and internationally
  • Nido Qubein, an American Lebanese-Jordanian businessman, motivational speaker, and President of High Point University since 2005
  • Anthony Lolli, who rose from humble beginnings to become a successful real estate investor, developer, and entrepreneur.

who rose from humble beginnings

  • Calvin Klein is a name so famous as to have earned pride of place on underwear bands the world over.

famous as to have earned pride

  • Fredrik Eklund, a Swedish New York City based real estate broker, a Bravo TV reality star, a former IT entrepreneur in his native Sweden, and a non-fiction writer.

Swedish New York City based real estate broker

  • Bruce Buffer who is an actor and producer, and “The Voice of Mixed Martial Arts,” and the greatest announcer.

an actor and producer

JT may seem to some people aloof, but when you have hundreds of people trying to get you to listen to their stories, or sell their trade to JT, and yet are not interested in investing in him to have this option, he won’t be interested.  When you’re a #FamilyFirst member, a student, in his programs or coaching courses, then you have right of way to be involved with JTFoxx.  This I love, as JT loves nothing more than loyalty, and when they achieve success by following his lead, listening to his advice etc., that they never forget where it also came from.   JT, can open many doors for many people in many ways, and get them involved in many countries.  I have seen this with hundreds of his students.

involved with JTFoxx

And a big shout out to my wionderful coach cherie who is looking after me right now, shown here with my business partner Roslynn Chalwell.  This woman is dynamite, talks my language, draws the vision and puts it into a step by step process.  Perfect for my brain.  Can’t wait to see our journey and how far it goes.  Thanks Cherie

JTFoxx with Serena

Anyway, I can only end up by saying, you can be someone who can call JT a scammer, rip-off merchant, or you can be one of his students who get to be very successful, I believe it all falls on the shoulder of the person and how they take on what he teaches or shares.  We all have life conditionings to react often in negative ways, but seriously, if you decide to take on JTFoxx, listen, learn and grow.  Only way to go.  Keep the ego in tight rein, and see if you can also be as successful as he is, and well loved by his #FamilyFirst members.

JT, I salute you man.  Nobody hates you, as there is nothing really to hate – they envy you for doing so well with yourself, and we all have a lot to learn from it.

Love being part of the #FamilyFirst.  I am getting where I need to be slowly.  Thank you to you and all the people in your fantastic company team.  You guys follow through.  Anybody wanting to contact these guys –