Holidays in the Philippines and Outsourcing

Outsourcing in the Philippines can sometimes have its ups and downs, especially when there’s a holiday in the said country. Last 2015, there was a 3-day holiday in the Philippines due to the Pope’s visit. Plus, there’s the commemoration of the EDSA Revolution held on the 25th of February, the Chinese New Year and a whole lot more. In addition, there are times that the Philippine government would declare holidays due to certain reasons, expected or unexpected.

With the many holidays in the Philippines, how will companies who have opted to outsource in the country cope with their project deadlines and requirements?

To the smart CEO and Finance Manager, planning around your outsourcing partner’s holidays can be an unlikely benefit for you; it makes projects more cost-effective and ensures that your offshore team in the Philippines are at their best and at their most creative as well.

Here are 3 tips to making the most out of your outsourcing engagement in line of Philippine national holidays:


Identify the Holidays in your Country and your Outsourcing Partner’s Country

While predominantly a Roman Catholic country, the Philippines also celebrates other religious denominations and cultures as well; except for non-working holidays like Chinese New Year and Ramadan. Apart from these holidays, there are also public holidays for historical events like the declaration of independence on June 12 and the commemoration of the life and works of Rizal on December 30.

There are times that the government also declares public holidays for them to manage the traffic flow and crowds during the visit of prominent public figures; as mentioned above, the visit of Pope Francis last 2015. These holidays go beyond observances and you may even join in the celebrations when visiting our outsourcing team.


Discuss and Agree on the Holiday Arrangements

Outsourcing companies have the flexibility to either follow your country’s holidays to avoid work interruption or go with their own instead, allowing you to save even more by not paying for holiday premiums.

Usually, Philippine-based outsourcing companies send a calendar of holidays periodically. You and your outsourcing partner can also agree on a protocol, which includes setting reminders for upcoming holidays, determining project priorities and Points of Contact during the holiday.


Generate a Project Gantt Chart

Whether your project is big or small, creating a Gantt chart that considers the holidays will give everyone a more realistic idea of their timelines and tasks. A Gantt chart is a project schedule that shows start and finish dates. It also details the project’s elements including its dependencies and turnaround times. Having a Gantt will ensure that projects are delivered on time.

Remember that as long as clear communication and ample planning is taken into consideration, holidays can go unnoticed and even work to your advantage – helping you cut back on costs and giving your outsourcing partner an ample amount of time to complete the tasks.