Innovation is about creativity

Innovation is about creativity; and innovation is not forced but inspired.

In Philippine Outsourcer, we have an innovative team committed to solving your business problems. How do we do it? We value creative spaces and diversity.

It’s important for companies to make work environment conducive to creativity. That happens, firstly, when employees are allowed to spend a lot of time in research, exposing them to other ways in approaching their tasks. It happens when they are given space to incubate their ideas. Secondly, it happens when employees work with other people who are open to new ideas and are willing to take risks. Make it a point to have a diverse workforce, one filled with people from different backgrounds, and with different personalities but who share the same optimism in dealing with problems. Diversity brings together different ideas on how to improve the company.

The most innovative ideas didn’t come out of hard labor, or in front of the screen typing some required documents for submission. Innovative ideas are inspired from other ideas, or from problems we are trying to solve. It comes from talking to people in interesting lunch conversations, or in debates with workmates who do not share the same opinion as we do. It comes from that interesting paragraph we read from an article, or something our colleague said that provoked us. It comes from noticing what made that paragraph so powerful, or that statement provocative — because in there we learn what persuades people.