3 Signs That You Need To Outsource E-commerce


In 2016, Internet sales reached $394.86 billion, with nearly 12% of purchases coming from online stores. With brand new trends making it a whole lot easier than ever to shop online with the use of mobile devices, the market opportunity is only projected to grow. That’s a lucrative endeavor you, as a small business owner, can’t afford to miss out on.

That is, as long as you’re fully aware of resources needed to build your online shop, develop marketing and sales, keep track of inventory, and ultimately fulfill client orders. That’s a ton of things to do, and most entrepreneurs make the mistake of attempting it all alone. Instead of trying to do it by yourself, look to hire a Philippine outsourcer firm.

That way, you can start using the growing number of products and services that will allow your business to run smoother.

What Exactly is Outsourcing?

In the context of small businesses, outsourcing is taking a piece of that business equation and relying on external forces to handle them for you. The term is often referred to in the context of logistics or fulfillment. However, these days, you can outsource everything from content marketing and scheduling to your payroll and bookkeeping.

There are several factors you need to consider when thinking about whether or not it’s the ideal time to outsource. However, in general, it’s safe to say that if you don’t have enough time to concentrate on growing your company, it’s probably the right time that you outsource.

Signs It’s Time To Outsource

Here are some of the common situations that will tell you that it’s time you look to outsource parts of your business.

Your Business Is Rapidly Growing

If your business is growing too fast, to the point where it has become a challenge to keep up, turning to outsourcing would be ideal for this situation. For a wide array of reasons, outsourcing is a way to bridge the gap as you grow from a small shop to a big-shot seller of goods.

That is, outsourcing all the usually time-consuming processes can allow you to focus on more important tasks.

Ready to Expand, But Not Ready to Hire New Employees

A number of products and services make it easier to command your personal army of workers – at a fraction of the price of hiring internal employees. However, you may not be ready to hire employees for the job.

If you’re not yet ready to bring internal employees into the mix, then you can use the power of outsourcing. There are a ton of tools outsourcers use to cut back on your growing pains; you just have to look for them.

You Need a Better Customer Service Experience

When starting a brand-new business, every client interaction is crucial. At first this may seem easy; however, as you get more buyers it becomes a challenge to nail that personal touch every single time. That’s where outsourcing comes in.

If customer service is an important part of your brand experience (and it should be in the first place!), then outsourcing your customer service, web development or any other part of your business helps you concentrate on that by automating frivolous activities that consume so much time.