Knowing the Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

October 20, 2017 jsoseo

  Outsourcing has been in the Philippines for more than 2 decades, and although it started a little late, the country has shown amazing growth in the said industry. The Southeast Asian country with a population of more than 100 million has become one of the top outsourcing destinations all

4 Web Design Trends for a Successful Website

October 20, 2017 jsoseo

For non-website designers, it’s close to impossible to stay on top of the technological advances and countless new design options emerging on almost a daily basis. However, you do know that your website must be user-friendly and engaging on any kind of device, right? It has to be when you

The Importance of Outsourcing in the Business Scenario

October 20, 2017 jsoseo

With the changing situations, a lot of enterprises have now started to outsource services for them to expand their business. As a matter of fact, offshore outsourcing is one of the easiest options a business owner can take to help avoid the headache of extra charges. However, it’s not an

Philippine Outsourcer – The Pros and Cons of Having Working AIs

October 19, 2017 jsoseo

Artificial intelligence (AI) is designing machines that have its own ability to think of its own. The discussions about the importance of AI in our lives have gained a great momentum in the recent years. If it’s going to be a boon or a bane to the future of the

Philippine Outsourcers – A Short Guide on Outsourcing

October 16, 2017 jsoseo

  Outsourcing (sometimes referred to as “contracting out”) is a business practice used by all enterprises, small or large regardless, to help reduce costs or improve efficiency by shifting tasks, operations or jobs to someone outside your company for a specified period of time. The functions that are ported over

JT Foxx and WHY he is my GO TO COACH

October 16, 2017 jsoseo

People ask me who the heck is JT Foxx, and why am I travelling around the world attending his functions, as they see on my posts on FB. I might have asked the same question myself, or I did when I first met him.   Here he was standing on top