Benefits of Outsourcing Your Manpower Recruitment

July 26, 2017 jsoseo

  In today’s highly competitive market industry, the term “outsourcing” could mean some extra savings on manpower requirement or hiring. However, there are some who approach this business strategy as nothing but an effective way to take away jobs from other developed countries – the United States of America, for

4 Benefits of Outsourcing in the You Need to Consider

July 12, 2017 jsoseo

Outsourcing has been considered a major trend in human resources all over the world for some time now. It’s the practice of sending certain job functions outside an enterprise, instead of handling them internally. More and more enterprises, regardless of size, are turning to outsourcing as a way for them

The Good in Accenture’s Acquisition of Phase One

July 3, 2017 jsoseo

Just recently, Accenture Federal Services has acquired Phase One Consulting Group for an undisclosed sum. The latter is a known sales force and technology consulting firm that concentrates more on federal government clients. The deal helps boost Accenture’s presence in the sector through the acquisition of skills as well as