The day has come for Liam Neeson to be Santa Claus.

December 21, 2016 jsoseo

The day has come for Liam Neeson to be Santa Claus.   You naughty ones better watch out! coz he will definitely find you, and will annoy you to death. CTTO What do you think about Liam as Santa Claus visiting you on holidays? Please Leave a Comment

Philippine President Sends Christmas Message That Goes Viral

December 13, 2016 jsoseo

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte just released his Christmas message and it’s getting loads of attention. Red State Watcher shared the video in which Duterte voiced a hard message for criminals and said he would eliminate all those who cause trouble in the country. “You know, I’m still only human, so allow me to

Star Wars – Try Not To Cry Edition

December 8, 2016 jsoseo

Today i stumbled across this odd star wars ad. I DARE you to watch the whole video and hold your tears.   How much did this ending make you tear up?   Credits to the original owner   **Disclaimer** – i don’t own anything of this video.